Botanical Name: Spiraea japonica 'Anthony Waterer'
Common Name: Anthony Waterer Spirea  
Plant photo of: Spiraea japonica 'Anthony Waterer'
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  • Culture

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Plant Type



Height Range

1-3', 3-6'


Flower Color



Flower Season

Summer, Fall


Leaf Color

Bronze, Green, Blue Green, Red


Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season

Spring, Summer, Fall


Full, Half



Very Low, Medium, Extra in Summer


Growth Rate

Fast, Moderate


Soil Type



Soil Condition

Average, Rich, Poor, Well-drained


Soil pH



Adverse Factors


Design Styles

English Cottage, Japanese, Meadow, Ranch


Accenting Features

Fall Color, Showy Flowers


Seasonal Interest

Spring, Summer, Fall


Location Uses

Entry, Perennial Border, Foundation, Lawn, Parking Strip, Patio, Parking Lot, Raised Planter, Walkways, With Rocks


Special Uses

Erosion Control, Filler, Hedge, Mass Planting, Small Spaces


Attracts Wildlife


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Photographer: Connon Nursery
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This 'Anthony Waterer' is a broad shrub, growing 2-3' with a flatop and dark blue-green leaves. The immature growth is a pinkish-red color. From summer until early fall, the flowers are a deep carmine pink color. The pink color of the shrub's flowers is an asset, and the plant provides structure to a perennial border. It is presented well around lilacs.
After cutting this shrub to the ground in early spring, it will be able to rejuvenate every 3-4 years. Regular, seasonla pruning keeps the shrub bushy and neat. After leaves have emerged, the twiggy, dead wood should be removed.